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The Q3 2022 MMQ Report

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In This Issue...
What Makes a Website Work Best with Today's Renters

While every PMC is leveraging a website in some form to get leads and tours for their communities, habit has many PMCs turning to paid lead sources when they need more leads to improve their occupancy. The truth is, if we could get more free leads from our websites, we would want that all day long. But the path of least resistance is to throw money at the problem and obtain more leads elsewhere. 

At PERQ, we’re not satisfied with that answer. So, join us, as we try to crack the code on what makes a website work best with today’s renters and their elongating renter’s journey in the latest issue of Multifamily Marketing Quarterly (MMQ).

A performance guide for multifamily marketers, the MMQ dissects tens of thousands of multifamily website sessions and prospect interactions via email and SMS to reveal industry benchmarks and emerging trends. Each issue provides great intel to supercharge your inbound marketing performance.

Specifically, the latest MMQ installment focuses on Q3 2022 data that reveals:  

  • Website experiences that are most popular with today’s rental prospects
  • Website interactions that result in the highest conversions
  • Tips to move prospects through their renter’s journey
  • Industry benchmarks for conversions of website and email