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The Q2 2022 MMQ Report

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In This Issue...
Intel on Maintaining Engagement with Rental Shoppers Across Touch Points

While nearly everyone in marketing now understands the importance of creating a rich, dynamic profile of their prospects, it seems that discussions around prospect data rarely get further than browsing behavior, device type, and conversions to tours. To us, that's only the beginning of the conversation. 

A performance guide for multifamily marketers, the MMQ dissects tens of thousands of multifamily website sessions and prospect interactions via email and SMS to reveal industry benchmarks and emerging trends. It provides great intel to supercharge your marketing performance and validate your recommendations to your leadership team. 

Specifically, the latest MMQ installment focuses on Q2 2022 data that reveals: 

  • The length of a typical renter's journey in today's multifamily market and how this impacts your marketing and sales approach
  • The role of the website in the renter's journey and how to maximize its potential
  • The most effective tactics for keeping prospects engaged as they consider and explore their options
  • Data and technology implications of longer renter journeys and changing expectations
  • Measurable impact of personalization on engagement and conversions