More Leases.
Less Work and Cost.

PERQ is the only AI automation solution that adds website conversion tools to your community website to capture more leads. As a result, we go far beyond a leasing assistant to drive down your marketing and operational spend. Sign up below and we'll be in touch ASAP for your personalized demo. 

It’s time to turn your website into your #1 source of leases 



Automate early engagement with prospects to maximize conversion rates. Wow website visitors with personalized website experiences that convert. Answer prospect questions 24/7/365 with PERQ's conversational AI that works on your website, SMS, Google, email, and converts phone calls to text exchanges. 



Work each lead to a tour with an automated journey of outbound SMS and email nurture touches. Personalize the content, timing and channel automatically for each prospect based on PERQ-collected insights to supercharge conversion to tour. And, encourage prospects to jump into a chat conversation in any channel at any time, all powered by PERQ's AI. 




Hand off only agent-ready prospects to your onsite team. View all PERQ engagement directly via your CRM to keep your CRM clean. Track attribution and highest-converting lead sources with PERQ's insightful reporting and analytics. Get more leads from your website to help drive down advertising costs. 

Discover why PMCs are switching to PERQ to get more leases with less work and cost.

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Hundreds of PMCs trust PERQ to automate & personalize their renter's journey

Don't just take our word for it!

"For us to be able to serve up fun, engaging and educational experiences to our prospects using PERQ, it gives prospects a positive experience from their first interaction with a community while also setting our community apart from others that don't offer such a modern website experience."

"We have been able to drop underperforming lead sources and, at the assets where we've done that, we're running under budget on marketing by a couple thousand dollars a month."

"The PERQ platform is amazing and the PERQ team is incredible too. It's one of the outside vendor calls I most look forward to. My calls with PERQ are easy and enjoyable. I credit that to the product and people."

What can PERQ do for you?

Sign up for a zero-obligation demo with a multifamily specialist to get your questions answered. Simply click below to get started.

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