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Here’s what's trending at a national level


In-person tours are back, and in a big way.


Texting is on the rise and email is here to stay.


Fido and Fluffy need homes, too.


It’s best to find ways to communicate 24/7.


Delve into the most valuable insights for your community.

Did you know that renters in the West have some unique preferences? Despite the pleasant weather, they prioritize outdoor activities more than any other region. They also value pet activities, so highlighting outdoor areas or local dog parks could really catch their attention. Interestingly, renters in the West rank shopping, family activities, and sporting events as less important compared to other regions.

In the Southwest, renters are seeking similar amenities to the national trends. Walk-in closets are high on their list, while balconies are less of a priority. These regional insights can help you make better decisions at the property level.


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